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Our Services


Some of our services are:

1. Inspection, superintendence and cargo consultancy in loading / discharging of:

a.    Crude oil, petroleum products, LPG/LNG, petrochemicals and lubricants.
b.    Textiles.
c.    Foodstuff (i.e. grains, flour, edible oils, other agricultural products, etc.).
d.    Coal and coke, mineral ores, fertilizers and general bulk cargoes.
e.    Marble (finished or unfinished)
f.    Scrap
Reduce your risks through our cargo inspections!

2. Draft Surveys – Suitability and cleanliness inspections

We can assist in providing all types of draft surveys for the majority of dry bulk cargoes as well as in providing suitability and cleanliness inspections for all types of cargoes.
Protect your high value commodities!

3. Pre-shipment inspection of packing/protection of merchandise – Stowage

We make sure that your exports comply with the regulations set by the government in the destination countries in order to avoid losses for your company.
Protect your revenues.

4. Sampling and testing – Quality analysis witnessing.

Our team consists of highly experienced inspectors and Chemists who will accommodate any request for quality analysis and witnessing.
Quality – one word, great importance.

5. On-hire / Off-hire Surveys – Bunker Surveys.

Our team of surveyors possess a high level of expertise and experience both on shore and on board vessels.
We can assist in providing swift and accurate services to any vessels receiving bunkers or on-hire/off-hire surveys and will provide an in-depth and accurate report.
Minimizing Losses!

6. Superintendence of transshipment operations – STS operations.

With Cyprus being one of the preferred locations for Ship to Ship operations we can offer inspection services having at least two inspectors ready to go off shore for any required duration. Providing reassurance that the cargo operation will be carried out smoothly and without delays.
Quality and safety matters!

7. Shore tanks calibrations. Complete shore loading systems inspections.

We offer a complete range of volume and flow measurement services serving the petroleum refining and oil and gas industries. We possess the experience and know how in order to undertake accurately and responsibly any calibration services and loading system inspections. All inspectors are highly qualified and operate in line with ASTM standards.
Accuracy and efficiency!

8. Damage surveys – Damage appraisals – Claims handling.

When required by our principals we undertake the task of damage appraisals and claims handling. Our clientele among others consists of a number of P&I clubs, ship owning companies and oil majors.
Experience and reliability!